Ready for your Guernsey to-do list? 

January 2024

Sunset bike ride at L'Ancresse (1).jpg

Here’s five things you can do straight from the door of your accommodation at Beaucette..

Get on your bike

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just enjoy getting out on two wheels, there’s much to explore right from the door of your shepherd hut. Beaucette marina is surrounded by wild common land with easily-navigated paths that run along the coast so you can relax and enjoy the views across all five Channel Islands. Once known as the Clos du Valle, this part of Guernsey was once an entirely separate island. There’s plenty of exploring to be done around the twisty narrow lanes, lined with old Guernsey granite cottages and don’t forget to take a few Guernsey pounds along with you to do a spot of hedge veg shopping!

Take a hike

Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll or more of a challenge, there are scenic trails that start at Beaucette marina and reward you with stunning views at every turn. 

A series of curated routes are also available on the Visit Guernsey walking app that showcase the island’s history, nature and share local knowledge. Every Spring and Autumn, walking festivals take place across the islands with local experts curating and guiding routes that celebrate the seasons and share culture and historical insights along the way.

Explore ancient forts

Guernsey has a rich history and fascinating history, with the parish of Vale boasting a number of well-preserved landmarks from neolithic dolmens to napoleonic forts, including Fort Doyle, just a short stroll from the marina. Many of them can be seen as you walk or cycle the coastal paths and of course, we encourage you to get off your bikes and explore!


Get up close and personal

From seals and puffins to dolphins and other marine life, we are lucky enough to have these wonderful creatures visiting and living in and around our islands. We have teamed up with local rib safari provider, Seascape, to offer visitors a unique adventure to get a closer look at these beautiful creatures starting out from the marina at Beaucette.

Guernsey is a twitcher’s paradise and there are plenty of locations where you can spot kestrels, swooper swans, turnstones, ducks egrets and coots amongst others. Rarer birds have also been spotted including the Eurasian Spoonbill, Red Kite, Pied Avocet and the European Bee-Eater amongst others.

Come face to face with Le Gardien du Tombeau

Just a short walk to the east of Beaucette is Le Dehus Dolmen, a neolithic burial chamber dating back to 3,500-20,00BC. Inside the chamber, one of the capstones has a remarkable carving of a man featuring a bearded face, arms and hands, with what appears to be a strung bow, and a series of symbolic designs. The carving is affectionately known as The Guardian of the Tomb.